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A heartfelt hello from all of us here! We strongly believe every soul has a story, and we’re truly honoured to be a part of yours. Whether you’re seeking support for yourself or for someone you care about, our team of Behavioural Support Practitioners and Counsellors is here to guide and uplift. Let’s navigate it together, understanding every emotion and milestone, because mental well-being is at the heart of what we do.

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Certified Care, NDIS Registered

Being registered under NDIS isn’t just a title for us—it’s a testament to our commitment. We uphold the highest standards of care, ensuring that every individual feels seen, heard, and valued.

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About Us

Every story has its first chapter, and we wrote ours in the serene landscapes of Ararat, Victoria, in 2018. We began with a simple belief: everyone deserves understanding and support. We started Ararat Wellness with a mission to be that beacon of hope and guidance, extending our services Australia-wide to NDIS participants, Home Care package recipients, and private clients by special arrangement.

Our strength lies in our team— our dedicated Behavioural Support Practitioners and Counsellors. Whether the client prefers an in-person session or the convenience of a secure telehealth platform, we’re here, ready to be a part of their story, ensuring every chapter is filled with growth and understanding.

About Ararat wellness
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Guided Support

Our Services

We understand the weight of silent battles and unspoken emotions. At Ararat Wellness, we’re here to listen, to understand, and to walk alongside NDIS participants, turning challenges into stepping stones towards a brighter tomorrow.

We believe that therapy is for everyone; for issues big and small, and everything in between.

Navigating life with unique challenges often requires specialised support. Mental therapy and counselling are crucial in providing NDIS participants with the tools and strategies needed to manage emotions, build resilience, and foster a positive outlook on life.

We believe that therapy is for everyone
Hearts Behind the Healing

Meet Our Team

Behind every session at Ararat Wellness is a devoted individual, fueled by both skill and heart. Our Behavioural Support Practitioners and Counsellors don’t just bring knowledge; they bring genuine empathy and commitment to your journey. With each face you see, there’s a story, a dedication, and an unwavering drive to support you. Dive in, and connect with the pillars that make Ararat Wellness the haven it is. 

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Our Team
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Navigating the complexities of emotions and mental well-being isn’t a journey you need to take alone. At Ararat Wellness, our commitment goes beyond just treatment; it’s about understanding the participant, their life and struggles, standing by their side, and guiding them towards a brighter, happier and more concious self.

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