Niva Perera

Niva Perera

Provisional Registration -Doctor of Clinical Psychology, and Sports, and Exercise Psychology Candidate/Bachelor of Psychological Science, Honours

Niva is a senior behavioural practitioner and a provisional psychologist with over 14 years of experience in disability, mental health, and healthcare settings. Niva embarked her academic journey by completing a diploma in community services, thereafter, obtaining a Bachelor of Psychology from Swinburne University, subsequently graduating with a First-Class Honours from the Institute of Social Neuroscience, showcasing her commitment to building a strong foundation in the field. Currently, Niva is pursuing a doctorate in Clinical Psychology and Sports and Exercise Psychology in order to continue to expand on her skills and advancement of her career as a practitioner.

Continuing her pursuit of excellence, Niva completed ABA Certification from ABIA, further enhancing her qualifications and expertise in Applied Behaviour Analysis. Her on-going dedication to professional development also led her to undertake Conflict Resolution Training, specializing in negotiation and crisis intervention, along with suicide intervention.

Niva’s career is a testament to her unwavering dedication to her chosen fields. Niva practices currently as a Senior Behaviour Support Clinician, conducting observations and assessments in diverse settings such as forensic and disability environments especially with extensive experience working in neurodevelopment disorders in a clinical context. Her ability to formulate, implement, and monitor comprehensive behaviour support plans for individuals with complex needs, such as disability, dual diagnosis, and neurodevelopmental disorders, demonstrates her proficiency and dedication to improving quality of lives and recovery journeys of others.

Niva’s therapeutic approach, includes techniques such as CBT, ABA/Behavioural therapy, Gottman Level 1, and family-centred practices, reflects her comprehensive understanding of various modalities and her dedication to helping clients with autism, neurological dysfunctions, and mental health challenges.

Niva’s ability to relate to and interact effectively with individuals from diverse backgrounds is a testament to her cultural awareness and professionalism. Her career journey is marked by a tireless commitment to improving the lives of others, and her extensive experience and academic credentials have equipped her well in continuing her career in psychology, therapy, and disability support.


From life's smallest ripples to its biggest waves, therapy is the anchor for us all.

Navigating life with unique challenges often requires specialised support. Mental therapy and counselling are crucial in providing NDIS participants with the tools and strategies needed to manage emotions, build resilience, and foster a positive outlook on life.

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Therapy is the anchor for us all.

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