Karen Ceccon

Karen Ceccon

Dip Counselling, B. Soc. Sci. (Psych), M. Counselling, COS, MACA (L4)

Karen Ceccon is the owner, director and supervising Behavioural practitioner within Ararat Wellness Pty Ltd. Proudly located in the regional town of Ararat, Victoria, she manages an ever-growing team situated in most states of Australia, proving that allied health businesses located outside of major cities can become industry leaders.

She is a highly accomplished and dedicated professional with a diverse background encompassing Counselling, psychology, business management, and professional supervision. With a commitment to personal and professional development, Karen has consistently expanded her team’s skill sets, and she strives to achieve industry-leading service provision for all of Ararat Wellness’ clients.

Her educational journey includes a Master of Counselling Bachelor of Social Science in Psychology, leading on from a Diploma in Counselling, which started her journey back in 2016. Karen’s skill set is diverse and includes expertise in behavioural support, business administration and Counselling. She is registered as a Level 4 Counsellor within the College of Supervisors with the leading governing body, The Australian Counselling Association. Karen is also a high-profile communicator, emphasising strategic relationship building, and has a collaborative leadership style. In addition to her professional work, Karen has a history of volunteerism and has held leadership roles in organisations such as the local Business Associations and Networking Groups.

Karen’s leadership role as the Director of Ararat Wellness Pty Ltd is a testament to her expertise and dedication. She leads a team of professional counsellors and behavioural practitioners, managing a fully NDIS-registered business. This involves meeting all audited business requirements for maintaining this highly regulated registration. Her role in Ararat Wellness also consists of providing Counselling (with a particular interest in assisting clients with ADHD and ASD) and overseeing all business operations.


From life's smallest ripples to its biggest waves, therapy is the anchor for us all.

Navigating life with unique challenges often requires specialised support. Mental therapy and counselling are crucial in providing NDIS participants with the tools and strategies needed to manage emotions, build resilience, and foster a positive outlook on life.

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Therapy is the anchor for us all.

Our Aim: Navigating From
Daily Hurdles
To Life's Monumental Moments.

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Karen Ceccon - Director & Supervisor at Ararat Wellness

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