Jo Robertson

Jo Robertson

Registered Psychiatric Nurse

Jo is a versatile professional with a rich and diverse career spanning nursing, real estate, office and business management, and a Behavioural Practitioner. Her journey began when she enrolled in a three-year hospital-based training program, becoming a Registered Psychiatric Nurse where Jo then honed her healthcare skills over the next two decades. Her dedication and experience earned her the respect and ability to excel in demanding roles.

In 2012, Jo temporarily shifted gears to manage her family’s business while raising her three children. During this time, she pursued education in Accounting and Business Management and obtained her Real Estate Representative License. Her dedication to personal and academic growth then extended to studying a Bachelor of Nursing degree while maintaining safety and ethical certifications.

Beyond her professional achievements, Jo has excelled in property renovation and even appeared on Channel Ten’s ‘The Renovators’ in 2011. In addition to her diverse background, she has made significant contributions as a behavioural practitioner, using her expertise in understanding and modifying behaviour to support individuals in various aspects of their lives.

As a dedicated mother of three, Jo adeptly balances her career with her parental responsibilities. With a history of excellence, a passion for learning, and a wealth of experience, Jo is an exceptional individual who consistently contributes to her profession and community, serving as an inspiring testament to the power of perseverance and the pursuit of one’s passions.


From life's smallest ripples to its biggest waves, therapy is the anchor for us all.

Navigating life with unique challenges often requires specialised support. Mental therapy and counselling are crucial in providing NDIS participants with the tools and strategies needed to manage emotions, build resilience, and foster a positive outlook on life.

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Therapy is the anchor for us all.

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