Lindsay Moncrieff

Lindsay Moncrieff

Psychiatric Nursing Diploma and Bachelor of Science in Nursing

Lindsay, a dedicated Behavioural Practitioner, has devoted her career to improving the mental health and wellbeing of individuals. With a wealth of experience, Lindsay’s contributions to the community are commendable.

Lindsay’s professional journey began with a Psychiatric Nursing Diploma and Bachelor of Science in Nursing from Canada, where she gained a solid foundation in healthcare. Lindsay continued her educational journey by completing the Master of Mental Health Nursing (Nurse Practitioner) program in Australia. This academic endeavour provided her with advanced knowledge and expertise in the field of mental health, preparing her for a career as a Mental Health Nurse Practitioner. This equipped her with the specialised skills required to practice autonomously at the most senior clinical nursing level.

As a Behavioural Practitioner, Lindsay has been able to draw on experience and skills obtained from work within a wide range of mental health settings, including work with young people and adults suffering from acute and chronic mental health difficulties. Lindsay particularly enjoys the ability to bring in critical thinking skills and an alternative lens to the most challenging situations, whilst developing strong relationships with participants and their carers. She’s passionate about supporting NDIS participants to achieve a truly rich quality of life.


From life's smallest ripples to its biggest waves, therapy is the anchor for us all.

Navigating life with unique challenges often requires specialised support. Mental therapy and counselling are crucial in providing NDIS participants with the tools and strategies needed to manage emotions, build resilience, and foster a positive outlook on life.

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Therapy is the anchor for us all.

Our Aim: Navigating From
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